I have a WordPress blog site hosted at content.just2good.co.uk. But shortly after creating that site, I realised I could reach a bigger audience by posting my blogs at Medium. But rather than picking one site or the other, I duplicated effort and started posting the same blogs at both locations. Dumb, right?

It’s no big deal… I can basically copy-and-paste my blog content from content.just2good.co.uk to Medium, and it mostly formats fine without any extra effort. (Though Medium does have some annoying limitations… Like you can’t have multi-level indented bullets.)

But today I stumbled across a WordPress plugin called blog2social. It claims to be able to automatically cross-post from WordPress into other social media sites, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Medium.


Whilst it offers premium features, the features I’m interested in appear to be free. So, this quick blog is my experiment. I’m going to write the post here in content.just2good.co.uk, and see if it will automatically cross-post into Medium for me.

Let’s see how it does!


Whilst you can automate this process, for this test, I’m just going to cross-post manually.

  1. Create this post here in WordPress.
  2. From the WordPress Admin Dashboard, perform a one-time connection of the Blog2Social plugin to to the destination social networks. I’m going to connect Medium.
  3. Then, from the WordPress Admin Dashboard, select:
    Blog2Social > All Posts > select the post > Share on Social Media

The Verdict?

It worked!! Woop!

Maybe I’ll try cross-posting into LinkedIn now…


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