What’s the Problem? Today I’m working on a public wifi. I started my laptop, I connected […]
What is a Landing Zone? According to Google’s best practice and reference designs, a landing zone […]
Google Cloud Next is an annual event where Google drops a bunch of content regarding Google […]
Context Google provides an online learning platform called Google Cloud Skills Boost, formerly known as QwikLabs. On […]
The Challenge These days, it’s pretty standard for IT folk to be working from home most […]
Mustang 2020
Thinking About an Upgrade The year is 2022, and lockdown is nominally over. With some semblance […]
Overview Installing Jekyll My Jekyll Image For more details, check out my Jekyll image over at […]
Here you’ll find a set of pages to get you up and running with Python. It […]
Here I run through a sample case study application, where our client – Acme Ltd – […]
Here you’ll find my public GitHub repos. E.g.