Unless you’ve been living under a rock wearing a tinfoil hat, you’ll be very aware of ChatGPT, the language AI that is changing… everything!

I stumbled across a couple of utilities that make me more productive with ChatGPT, and I wanted to share them with you.

Chrome Extension: ChatGPT for Google

Wouldn’t it be cool if, every time you entered a search into Google (or Bing, or DuckDuckGo, or whatever search engine you use), the same search is submitted to ChatGPT? Well, now you can, with this very cool Chrome extension, which you can download directly from the Chrome Web Store.

When you do your search, ChatGPT renders its response on the same page. It looks like this…

ChatGPT renders results alongside the Google search response

So awesome!

ChatGPT Desktop App

ChatGPT Desktop Application

This is a cool open source desktop application that provides — in my opinion — an improvement over the standard web interface.

You can see the project over at GitHub. It can be installed on Windows, Mac or Linux. Make sure to use one of the official installers. On Windows, the most convenient way to install it is to simply use winget:

winget install --id=lencx.ChatGPT -e

Why use this desktop application?

  • It stores all your previous chats. The web version does that too, but I’ve found the web version to be unreliable.
  • But the main reason… You can save any chat as markdown, an image, or a PDF. In my experience, there’s just no easy way to save a full chat from the web interface.

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